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Windy Days Are Made For Play

Spring in the Midwest can really be all over the place, from warm days to rainy days and back to snowy days! It’s great to get outdoors no matter the weather, but there’s one type of day that may cause problems when setting up that perfect picnic — windy days!

Sure, the wind may blow your blanket, make you hair a mess and bring a little chill to the air, but it can be a great way to play. Use the wind in your favor for these outdoor activities.

Play with props

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  • Fly a kite: Kites come in all different shapes and sizes and with different types of tails. Head to an open area to let them loose. Keep in mind the trees and power lines to avoid any stranded kites. Start with a single string and upgrade to a double-stringed kite when you are ready for a challenge.

  • Play with pinwheels: Wind can push and pull. Can you make a pinwheel spin in both directions? Is there any difference between big pinwheels and small ones? Find a wind turbine field to see huge pinwheels at work!

  • Blow bubbles: On a windy day, you may not even need to blow! Dip the ward in the bubbles and hold it up high! How many bubbles does the wind blow versus yourself?

Play with nature

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  • Race the clouds: On a windy day, clouds can really be moving quickly! Lay on the ground to watch them go. Get up and get running to see if you can keep up with their speed.

  • Release seeds: Many plants rely on the wind to spread their seeds. Help them out by letting those seeds hit the skies. Blow on dandelion puffs, shake a milkweed plant, throw the maple seed helicopters up high! See how far you can make the seeds fly.

  • Listen to the wind: Take in a moment of Zen. Close your eyes and really listen to how the wind affects the world around you. Go into different places to see how they compare. Does wind in a forest sound different than wind in a prairie? What about around the houses in your neighborhood?

Play with creativity

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  • Build a sailboat: There are so many ways to build boats. Test out different materials to make sure your boat floats and is powered by wind. Head down to your local pond, creek or even a kiddie pool in the backyard to test out your handiwork. If you’re out in nature, make sure you don’t leave your boat behind unless it is completely made from natural materials.

  • Create wind chimes: Grab shiny things and noisy things. Tie keys, screws and beads to strings close together. Once you have an assortment, hang your creation outside to see what noises it makes when the wind blows.

  • Dance with streamers: Streamers can be made from so many different things! Crepe paper, ribbons, cut-up old sheets — you can use anything that will dance with the wind. Tie or glue your streamers onto a stick and then set up a show. Add your own dance moves to music or run around the yard to let the wind do its thing.


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