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Try This Cool Winter Animal Experiment

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Can your jello critter survive?

Photo via Shutterstock

Most animals have fur, feathers or extra layers of fat insulation to help them survive winter. They also need a warm place to live. Make a few jello critters using the directions below and see if they can survive winter.

However, before you make your jello critters you need to make a few homes. A good home needs insulation. Most animals build nests or dens with insulating layers of dry grasses, leaves, old fur, mud, and more to help keep them warm. You can use all those things or materials you have at home.

A few suggestions include a mitten, bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Snow is a good insulator too.

Make a home or two and place your jello critter(s) inside. Take the homes containing your jello critters outdoors. Next, place one jello critter out in the open without a home. Once you have your critters in place, go inside and warm up.

Check on them in 30 minutes.

Did your critters stay liquid (alive) or become jello (die)? Was there a difference between the critter you left out in the cold and those that had homes?

What to do:

  • Make one package of jello (Have an adult help you mix the jello).

  • Fill 2-3 empty pill bottles, small Tupperware, or film canisters with the liquid jello.

  • Put lids on the jello critters and follow instructions above.


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