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Read About Home Sweet Home

Check out these fun books.

animal home books
Photo by Jen Guest

Want to learn more about animal homes?


'The Salamander Room' by Anne Mazer

the salamander room book
Photo by Suzy Lyttle

A boy finds a salamander in the woods. His mind runs wild imagining the many things he can do to turn his room into a perfect salamander home.

'Shelter' by Celine Claire and Qin Leng

shelter book
Photo by Jen Guest

A big storm approaches as two strangers arrive in the forest. All of the other animal families are safe in their own homes. The families inside watch as they come near, wondering who they are and what they want.


'Animal Homes' by Shira Evans

Young readers learn all about animal homes from cozy dens to towering trees in this National Geographic Kids book.

'Birds and Their Nests' by Linda Taglaferro

Readers will be introduced to birds and the nests they build, live in, and where they raise their young.


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