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Naturalist Angela's Book Pick: 'Little Beaver and the Echo'

“Little Beaver and The Echo” is a story about a lonely little beaver. One day he is so sad that he has no friends that his cries become louder and louder. Then he hears crying from across the pond. Worried about the owner of the crying voice, he begins shouting questions.

Photo by Angela Rafac

The little beaver learns that the owner of the voice feels exactly like he does. He decides to hop in his canoe, paddle across the river and find out who was crying. On his way, he meets some other critters who join him on his journey. When they finally make it across the pond, they meet a wise old beaver.

The wise beaver explains to them that “Echo” is always on the other side of the pond and always feels how you feel. Along the way, Little Beaver discovers that he has made friends with the critters who joined him on his journey. He is so happy he shouts, “Hooray!” and Echo on the other side of the pond shouts “Hooray!”

This is a charming and sweet story by Amy MacDonald. The illustrations, done by natural history illustrator Sarah Fox-Davies, are realistic, detailed and very pretty. This makes it especially fun to see Little Beaver, Duck, Otter, and Turtle all hop in a canoe rather than swim across the pond.

The narrative is simple and easy to understand, and the story has a cute and happy ending. The story can also serve as a reminder that when you go out in search of something, you may not find what you are looking for but what happens along the way can be more important.


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