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Turn Your Next Family Walk Into A Scavenger Hunt

Have you been taking a lot of walks with your family lately? Well, here’s one way to spice it up! Have the entire family join in on this scavenger hunt.

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Get started

Download and print this scavenger hunt for everyone in the family. Don’t have a printer? Not to worry! It’s a basic scavenger hunt that you can re-create at home. Just grab a blank piece of paper – scrap paper headed for the recycle bin is excellent for this. Draw a grid with 10 boxes. Label each box with the item you are searching for.

Gather up your family and your supplies. Don’t forget a scavenger hunt checklist and a pencil, crayon or colored pencil for each participant. It might be helpful to bring a clipboard.

Ready, steady, go!

Get to hiking! Along the way, put a checkmark next to the items on the scavenger hunt as you find them. If you like to draw, sketch out the item when you find it. Another idea: Write an observation about the item. Where did you find it? How close is it?

And the gold goes to …

You can work together as a family to find everything, but what if your competitive streak is strong? You can always make it a contest. Who has the most completed at the end? Who found everything first?

I spy with my little eyes

Make the scavenger hunt into a version of I Spy. Work on the same box all together. Whoever finds it first gets the point. The person at the end with the most points wins. Or chuck out points altogether and just have fun seeing who can spot the box first.

Make it your own

Use the scavenger hunt we provide as a starting point, but you can make your own. Get the whole family involved; let each person pick a couple of the things you are going to be looking for along your walk.

Take it one step further

Use your scavenger hunt finds as inspiration! Build something you found outside out of Legos, stuff lurking in the junk drawer or sticks and more that you find outside. This doesn’t have to be an inside activity, either. Make your workspace on a deck or yard or balcony, if possible. Enjoy that fresh air!

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