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Turkey Vultures Are Nature's Clean-Up Crew

They'll eat things that would make you sick.

turkey vulture
Photo via Shutterstock

Nobody will ever say turkey vultures are the prettiest bird they have ever seen. But they may be the ugliest, and one you would not want to share a meal with.

That's because turkey vultures eat road kill and other dead animals. This is called scavenging for food. Some people think it’s really gross, but these birds are considered nature’s clean-up crew.

Fun facts

  • They can smell a dead animal from a mile away.

  • They go to the bathroom on their legs and feet to help cool off on hot days.

  • When in danger, vultures vomit on other animals to scare them away.

  • They eat by sticking their heads inside the bodies of rotting animals.

  • Their heads are bald which helps them keep clean while eating.

  • They have a wingspan of up to 6 feet wide.

Now that you know all about turkey vultures, head outside and look for them.

Keep your eyes on the sky for the soaring. Their wings make a V shape and they wobble in the air.


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