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Try This At Home: Find the Iron in Your Cereal

Our bodies need a steady supply of vitamins and minerals to help us stay healthy and strong. Some of these essential nutrients are made by our bodies, and others we get from the foods we eat.

Iron is an example of a mineral that our bodies require. We get it from the foods we eat. Your body needs iron for growth and development. Iron is also important because our bodies use it to make a protein in our blood that carries oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our bodies.

Some of the foods we eat every day naturally contain iron. Your body gets iron when you eat red meat, beans, leafy green vegetables like spinach, and dried fruits. Other foods are fortified with iron. This means iron is added to them to help us get enough from our diets.

Breakfast cereals are often fortified with iron, and you can see it for yourself. Follow along as we show you how to pull the iron out of your cereal. All you need is some breakfast cereal, water, a zipper-lock plastic bag and a magnet.


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