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Three Ways to Be a Bird

Go out on a limb and give it your best shot.

green heron
Photo courtesy of Joseph Traina

I Spy Bird Hike

Go for a walk outside at your favorite forest preserve or in your own neighborhood.

How many birds do you see? What are they doing?

Can you see any bids nests? What do they look like?

Do you see any other signs of birds such as bird eggs, holes in trees, feathers, bird droppings?

Listen for Birds

Go outside and listen for birds.

Close your eyes. How many different birds calls do you hear? Try and repeat each call

Try this activity in the morning, afternoon and early evening.

What time do you hear the most birds singing? What time do you hear the least? Are you hearing different types of calls at different times?

Try this activity in different types of weather. Do you notice a difference if the sun is shining or if it is cloudy? What about when it is raining?

Keep a journal of what you hear!

Act Like a Bird

Try acting like different birds.

Spread your arms out wide, take one big flap and soar like an eagle.

Bring your elbows in close to your sides and quickly flap your arms like a hummingbird.

Stand on one leg like a flamingo and then try the other leg.

Keep your legs close together and waddle like a penguin.

What other bird actions have you seen? Try them out!


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