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Sit Back, Relax And Watch The Clouds Roll By

Clouds can be a signal of rain to come or a beautiful day ahead. They can block out the sun completely or complement it as they float through the sky.

(Photo by Angela Rafac)

Did you know there is even a word for a person who loves or is obsessed with clouds? Nepho is Greek for clouds, and philia means fondness for, so nephophilia describes a person who is fond of clouds. Get outside, aim your eyes to the sky and try these fun activities.

Shape spotting

Gazing at the clouds and looking for familiar shapes is a fun pastime for young and old alike. All you need is an imagination and a comfy spot to lie down.

Sometimes a shape can look like more than one thing depending on your perspective. (Photo via Shutterstock)

What recognizable shapes can you see? Can you point them out to someone else? Have you seen an images that can look like more than one thing? After you see a shape, challenge yourself to look for another in the same cloud.

Cloud journaling

Keep a record of what you see. Draw and describe the clouds in the sky. How many are there? Do they cover the sky, or are there just a few? What is their shape? Are they moving? What else do you notice? Also record the time of day, time of year and the weather. You may start to recognize patterns and even be able to make weather predictions.

Cloud bursting

This is a far-out idea, but I dare you to try it! Summer is the perfect season, with all the fluffy, puffy and wispy clouds. Hold your arm out and make a circle with your thumb and pointer finger. Choose a cloud that fits inside the circle then focus on it and wish it to go away. That’s it. Does it work for you?

Some people believe cloud bursting, also sometimes called cloud busting, works because we are mostly water so we can communicate through water. Some people think it is evidence of the power of our thoughts and a good reason to stay positive, kind and grateful. Some think the cloud was going to go away anyway. You try and then make up your own mind!

If you would like to learn more about how clouds are formed and some different types of clouds, join the virtual program, “Design and Discover: Clouds” at 1 p.m. Saturday, September 12.

The program is for those 9 and older, and registration is required. Upon registration, you will receive a simple supply list, then you can follow along and make each cloud as you learn about them.


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