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No Snow? No Problem. These Crafty Snowmen Are An Inside Job

Sometimes it’s fun to look at the world in a different way. Try making this snowman-from-a-new-angle craft on a winter day when the weather is bad.

(Photo by Sara Russell)

Don’t forget to take some time this winter to go outside and make a snowman yourself!


(Photo by Sara Russell)
  • Small piece of paper for the background (We used a 6-inch-by-6-inch piece of paper.)

  • Crayons, especially white

  • Watercolor paints

  • Paint brush

  • Thicker paper like cardstock or craft paper for making the snowman

  • Round objects like lids for tracing (optional)

  • A marker or pencil

  • Oil pastels (optional, but nice if you can find it)

  • Scissors

  • Colored paper like construction paper (Make sure to have orange for the snowman’s nose.)

  • Small squares of cardboard

  • Glue


1. Use a white crayon to color snowflakes, swirls and dots on your background paper.

(Photo by Sara Russell)

2. Using sky-colored watercolors like blue, paint over the crayon snowflakes. Allow to dry.

3. On the thick paper, draw three circles that can fit on your background paper: large, medium and small. You can trace or free hand. Don’t worry about making them perfect circles, because snowmen aren’t perfect either.

(Photo by Sara Russell)

4. Using oil pastels, color a blue ring on the inside on each circle. Smudge the oil pastel to create more dimension. If you don’t have oil pastels, do this step with watercolors.

5. Cut out the circles.

6. Draw one button on the largest circle and one button on the medium-sized circle. Using a black marker, draw two eyes and a dotted smile outline on the smallest circle. This is going to be the head.

7. Glue down the largest circle on the background. Glue a small cardboard spacer in the middle of the largest circle. Next glue the middle circle. Glue a cardboard spacer. Finish by gluing the smallest circle. Make sure the face and buttons all line up.

8. Cut out an orange triangle to be the carrot nose, two brown pieces for the twig arms, and two rectangles in the color of your choice for the scarf. It’s a nice touch to make one scarf rectangle longer than the other.

9. Color the scarf if you want.

10. Glue the nose, scarf and arms in place.

11. Enjoy your snowman!


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