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Naturalist Suzy’s Book Pick: ‘Pitter and Patter’

Go on an adventure with raindrops named Pitter and Patter in this book by Martha Sullivan and illustrated by Cathy Morrison.

Photo by Angie Opiola

Pitter and Patter both fall out of the same rain cloud, but they take two different paths down and around through the water cycle. This book sparked joy for me as a naturalist because it covers so many topics in such a visually pleasing way.

The illustrations capture your attention, from the bright colors and the friendly animals down to the detailed lichen on the rocks. The drops travel through many habitats while meeting local animals along the way.

The water cycle and watershed are lightly touched on as Pitter and Patter travel along the pages. It is also fun to have the kids try to find the raindrop on each page.

Explore more!

After the story, the book includes “Explore More” pages. One explains the states of matter, the water cycle and the watershed. It also has a beautiful map that recaps the story and how it all ties into the more scientific topics. The other “Explore More” pages are for teachers. These give detailed background information, activity ideas and other book recommendations.

Experience it!

Join me for Plum Creek Nature Center’s next Nature Play Day from 10 to 11:30 a.m. April 10 to experience the “Pitter and Patter” story come to life.

Nature Play Days are free programs intended for children ages 3 to 5. Children are required to be accompanied by an adult. During the program, we will read the story, make a craft and get our hands wet while exploring different stations, matching adventures similar to what Pitter and Patter do in the book. And make sure to get those hiking shoes ready for a short walk down to the pond to see if we can spot any of our wetland critters.


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