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Naturalist Angela's Book Picks: 'Best in Snow,' 'Raindrops Roll'

I absolutely love both of these books!

book picks
Photo by Angela Rafac

Written by April Pulley Sayre, they include text that is simple, rhyming, and sometimes written playfully. And the photographs, each and every one, are gorgeous works of art! She captures amazing images of the many elements of nature – including plants and wildlife – in the snow and rain. Her close-up photos are stunningly detailed; crystals in the ice, or a whole tree reflected in a tiny raindrop are a few examples.

Another thing I really love about the photographs is that the author and photographer, April Pulley Sayre, is a resident of Indiana. They are not pictures of some far off place you hope to visit some day. They are familiar images. Sights you can observe if you bundle up or put on your raincoat and head outside!

\Read slowly and enjoy the cleverness of the language while you soak in the photographs. The fun language also makes them great “repeat after me” books: “it mushes, it slushes … it patters, it splatters.” And again, because the pictures are so amazing, they tell their own story! These are books that a child can “read” to you by looking at the pictures and making up the story as they go.

I also appreciate that Sayre satisfies the curious appetite of the nature nerd! The last two pages are text heavy with all of the scientific and magical details about snow, rain and the water cycle. Reserve these two masterpieces from your local library today and enjoy!


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