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Naturalist Angela's Book Picks: Appreciate Spiders and Bees

Personally, I disagree with the author of "I'm Trying to Love Spiders"; I have loved spiders since I was a little girl. I think they are fascinating, and I would never dream of squashing one.

Photo by Angela Rafac

But I understand I am with the minority in these feelings, which is why I really love Bethany Barton’s book. In it, Barton shares with the world her efforts to appreciate these eight-legged creatures.

Barton’s style is playful and captivating from beginning to end. Facts about spiders are woven through the text so naturally, it is fun learning at its finest. The pictures are both informative and super silly. The book also encourages you to play along when spiders appear on the pages. Will you squash the spider with your hand? I encourage you to pet them instead! Both the front and back cover pages have drawings of specific spider species and a neat fact about each one.

In “Give Bees a Chance,” Barton shares information with her honey-loving, bee-fearing friend, Edgar. With all the fanciful qualities of the first book, this book includes facts about types of bees, bee anatomy, bee jobs, honey making, pollination, the declining bee population and even planting bee-friendly flowers.

These books are packed with so many fun details you’ll need to read them again and again to notice them all. And they are so whimsical it is surprising that they are found in the non-fiction section of your local library or book store. Check them out today!

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