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Make It Rain Whenever You Want With A Homemade Rainstick

The sound of rain can be calming, comforting or even meditative. You can listen to the soothing sound of rain anytime by making your own rain stick. Use it to relax or as an addition to a musical ensemble.

(Photo via Shutterstock)

Materials for rain stick

(Photo by Angela Rafac)
  • Packaging tube with lids or a wrapping paper tube (You can also connect paper towel tubes together to make a longer tube.)

  • Paper, rubber bands and duct tape (These are to make lids if you are using a wrapping paper tube.)

  • Glue

  • Flat-head nails (smaller than the diameter of the tube you are using)

  • A hammer

  • Dry rice, peas and/or beans

Materials for decoration

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Paper (plain colored, decorative or wrapping paper)

  • Crayons, markers or paints

  • Yarn, ribbon or fabric scraps

  • Other bling


Step 1: Add nails to the tube.

(Photo by Angela Rafac)

Using a hammer, add nails to tube. Space the nails between ¾ inch and 1 inch apart, following the natural spiral of tube.

Step 2: Attach a lid to one side of the tube.

(Photo by Angela Rafac)

If your tube came with plastic lids, glue one into place and let it dry. You can also make your own lid by wrapping paper around the outside of the tube end and holding it in place with a rubber band or adding strips of duct tape to the top and sides of tube end.

Step 3: Add the dry rice, peas and/or beans to tube.

The amount of dried rice, peas or beans you will need will depend on the size of the tube and the sound you are going for. After adding some, test the sound by attaching the lid to other end, minus the glue or duct tape. Flip it in one direction and then the other and listen. Do you want to add more? Remove some? Change the ratio of rice to beans? Experiment and listen with different amounts until you are satisfied with the sound.

Step 4: Permanently attach lid to end of tube.

Repeat Step 2 to add a lid to the other end to permanently close the tube.

Step 5: Decorate

(Photo by Angela Rafac)

You can use marker, crayons or paint pens to decorate the tube, or you can wrap it with paper and then decorate. Be creative! Wrap yarn or ribbon around the tube or try any combination of the above.

Tip: if you choose to glue paper to the tube, use a wet washcloth to get the paper wet first. This allows the paper to slip or slide a little bit, giving you time to adjust it to how you like.

Enjoy your rain stick whenever you like. Tip it slowly to mimic the sound of a gentle rain. Flip it quickly for a fast downpour. Did you make rain sticks with friends or family? Coordinate together to make a symphony of rain!


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