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Go to the Moon and Back

Check out these two books for the little astronomer.

to the moon book
Photo by Jen Guest

'Rocket to the Moon' by Lerryn Korda

"How do you get to the moon, Lester?" asks Little Nye. He can’t get there by jumping! He needs to go in a rocket. Stacking pots and pans, pails and umbrellas works very well, until he adds the engine and, “oh no!” The whole ship tumbles down. But Nella and Gracie join in, donning clever homemade space helmets, and soon they’re ready for liftoff. Meet four friends on a magical rocket trip to the moon.

'To the Moon!' by Paul A. Reynolds

The chance to meet astronaut Kris Kornfield is a dream come true for twins Sydney and Simon. But first they have to come up with the most creative project about the Earth’s moon. While Sydney’s work is all about the art, Simon’s is all about the data. Will they be creative enough to win the prize?


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