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Go For The Gold In The Animal Olympics

While the 2020 Summer Olympics have been postponed, there is no reason you can’t participate in your own games at home. You just need to gather some supplies, set up the challenges, make awards and print out the scorecard below for keeping score.

Can you jump as high as a red fox or run as fast as a deer. (Photo via Shutterstock)

The Animal Olympics scorecard shares some of the amazing capabilities of animals that call Will County home. Once you are set up, you and your family can see how you compare to these amazing animals.


A blindfold (You can use a scarf or bandana.)

A stopwatch (You have one on your phone!)

A tape measure


2 yard markers (You can use anything to mark a beginning and an end.)

Scorecard (You can print out the one below.)

Get ready

Set up is simple. Use the above form to help you set up the arena for each animals’ challenge. Most activities can be completed just about anywhere. You need level ground and blindfolds for the great blue heron challenge. For the deer challenge, use the two yards markers and space them 36 feet apart. Then you are ready to test your speed. The beaver challenge requires only a timer, but you may want to add a rule about holding your nose and mouth so no one can sneak in a sip of air. The hummingbird challenge only requires enough space to flap your arms without bumping into anything. For the fox challenge, use a wall or door and mark heights with tape.

Make medals

You can make medals for the medal ceremony. (Photo by Angela Rafac)

Use a cereal box or another cardboard box for a sturdy base for your medals. Find the perfect-sized cup or bowl to trace and cut out, then glue on circle of white paper the same size so you have a blank medal to decorate. You can use paint or color with crayon or marker to decorate your medals any way you like! Use a hole punch and string or ribbon to complete your medals. Now you are ready for the medal ceremony. Don’t forget: It is an honor just to get to participate!

Want more activities?

Did you know a bobcat can jump a distance of 10 feet? Mark every half foot with tape, sidewalk chalk or an unrolled tape measure, then see how far you and your family members can leap. Research other animals and make up more challenges for you and your family to try!

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