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Get Outside and Enjoy the Later Sunsets

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

On March 1, the sun set at about 5:42 pm. Then on March 12, daylight saving time begins. We will spring forward one hour, and the sun will set at 6:55 p.m. Bam! Just like that we get a whole extra hour of daylight!

(Photo by Angela Rafac)

Get outside with your family to enjoy that extra hour, especially to appreciate the sunset.

The magic of the moment

Even though we count on the sun going down every single day, there is nothing ordinary about it. It is often called the magic hour, and it is worth taking some time out of your day to appreciate it. The view is ever-changing and unpredictable. It can be calming or inspiring. It can put you in a better mood, and it can remind us to be thankful for all the beauty around us.

Find your spot

First determine where your best view is. Is it from a window? The front, back or side of your house? Is there a safe place to sit and enjoy? To stand and take a picture? Many of us will have something blocking our view, so the sun may disappear before it reaches the horizon. But maybe you have a narrow spot that dips where you can see a little lower. Compare the time of when the sun disappears from you view with the time listed for the actual sunset.

Keep a sunset journal

You can take pictures and make a special sunset file in your phone. Or you can just jot down a few notes to describe what you see. Are there too many clouds blocking any color at all? Are there just enough clouds that the light and shadows create many beautiful shades? Is it a yellow or orange circle against a blue sky? Or is the whole horizon yellows, oranges and pinks?

Take an excursion

Maybe you can take a quick family trip for a different view of the sunset. Is there a park nearby you can walk to? Is your nearest forest preserve just a short drive away? Make some time this March to get outside and let the mesmerizing magic of the sunset wash over you!


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