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Get Crafty With Easy-To-Make Bean Mosaics

Looking for a good craft for autumn? Bean mosaics are fun to make, and they make great decorations for the fall season, too.

(Photo by Angela Rafac)


  • Cardboard

  • Variety of dried beans

  • Clear gel or tacky glue

  • Scissors

  • String

  • Bamboo skewer

  • Printed picture


1. Cut cardboard to the size and shape of your choosing. You can have a specific shape cut out (like flowers and stems) or a rectangle, square or circle.

2. Choose a pattern or design. You can print out a picture and glue it to the cardboard. You can also draw your own picture or design or make one up as you go along.

3. Add glue to small one section of the cardboard at a time and then cover with beans. (You might want to have a wet washcloth handy for wiping glue from your fingers.) Continue adding glue and beans section by section until your mosaic is complete.

(Photo by Angela Rafac)

4. Prepare to hang or display your creation. For cut-out flowers, you can tape a bamboo skewer to the back to keep flowers sturdy before “planting” them in glass jar of beans. To hang your creation on the wall, glue string to a smaller piece of cardboard glued to backside of your creation.


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