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Fast Fact: White-Footed Mice

Have you ever seen a mouse in your house? Don’t blame the white-footed mice. Some mice species do make their way into our homes and other buildings, but white-footed mice prefer to remain outdoors. They usually live in forested areas and areas with trees and brush. These mice are mostly active at night, and they mostly live alone. They are good swimmers and climbers, and they see, hear and smell well.

White-footed mice are omnivores. Their diet changes with the seasons based on what is available. They mostly eat seeds, nuts, grains, fruits, fungi and insects. They store foods such as nuts and seeds in caches that they can return to in the winter when food is scarce. White-footed mice breed from spring to fall, with females giving birth to litters of between two and five babies. The babies are born blind and furless, and their mothers care for them for several weeks. Like most mice species, white-footed mice do not have long lives. They typically live for about a year in the wild.


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