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Fast Fact: Full Moon

Have you ever wondered why the moon looks different in the sky each night? We see the moon in the night sky because it is being illuminated by the sun. About once a month — every 29½ days to be more precise — the moon looks completely full in the sky. This is because Earth is situated exactly between the moon and sun. In between full moons, the illuminated part of the moon will be a different size each night. When the moon is getting bigger night after night, it is said to be waxing. It is a waxing moon until it is full. After the full moon, it looks smaller and smaller in the dark sky. When this happens, it is said to be waning.

Have you heard that the full moon changes human behavior and makes us act a little out of sorts? While this concept has been ingrained in our culture, it’s never been conclusively proven in a scientific study.


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