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Fast Fact: Bullfrogs

Did you hear that? Was it a cow or a frog? If it was a bullfrog, it might just be hard to tell. Bullfrogs got their name because of their loud call, which sounds similar to the deep moo of a cow or bull. And they sure are loud. They can be heard from more than a half-mile away, calling out “jug-o-rum.”

An American bullfrog. (Photo by Anthony Schalk)

Bullfrogs are the largest frogs in the United States, and they sure can jump. A bullfrog can leap as far as 6 feet! To put it in some perspective, that would be like an adult being able to jump 51 feet. How far can you jump? Look for bullfrogs around the water. They prefer shallow water, and you can often spot them right along the water’s edge. They probably see you coming, though. When they do, they hop into the water for safety.


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