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Explore and Find an Animal's Home

Creatures can live in spaces that are all different shapes and sizes.

sandhill crane
Photo via Shutterstock

A home can be found or made. Try to find an example of each of these types of animal homes:

  • Nest

  • Hole in ground

  • Hole in tree

  • Hollow log

  • Hive

  • Web

  • Burrow

What does the home look like? Who do you think lives there?

Can you observe any other animal signs or clues?

Living things need more than just a home. A healthy habitat includes space, food, water and shelter. Can you discover the other parts of the habitat that make this an ideal home? Where are they getting food? Where are they getting water?

Follow an ant. What is it doing? Maybe it will lead you to its home.

Build your own animal home

Make sure you get permission from your parents.

Make a model home. Gather sticks, leaves, dirt and water, then try to make a birds nest. Or try to make a messy squirrel nest with leaves.

Use lawn furniture and sheets to make a fort or tunnels you can hang out in. Pretend to be an animal

Use your imagination!


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