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Creepy Creatures To Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Let your creativity flow with these fun toilet paper tube creatures! You can make any type of creature you imagine, even some traditional Halloween characters.

Photo by Angela Rafac

Once completed, these fun tubes can be used for decorations or even for games.


Photo by Angela Rafac
  • Toilet paper tubes

  • Glue or a glue stick

  • Scissors

  • A pencil

  • A marker

  • Colored paper scraps


1. Cut colored strips of paper the length of the toilet paper tubes and glue them around the tubes.

2. Cut eyes, eyebrows, mouths, teeth, noses and any other features you would like from your paper scraps. You can draw them with pencil before you cut them out. You can also use marker to add some details, especially for eyes and teeth. Glue them into place.

3. Cut and glue on anything else you can imagine: hair, hats, bows, bowties, arms, tails, scars, etc.

4. Display your creatures or use them for games. You can spread them around your home, stack them all together or even use a hole punch and string them to hang on a wall or in a doorway. They can also be stacked for a fun “knock-down” game. Just grab a ball and set the tubes on the floor for a game of creature bowling.

Photo by Angela Rafac

Note: Do you make a lot of crafts and art projects? Don’t forget to save your colored paper scraps for later! Consider using a shoe box to collect colored paper scraps. They are perfect for a project like this where you will need many small pieces.


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