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Create Some Nature Ice Ornaments

The holidays may be over but it can still be fun to decorate your outdoor trees and shrubs with ice art!

ice ornament
Photo by Suzy Lyttle


  • nature clippings from your yard (berries, sticks, leaves, etc.)

  • scissors or clippers

  • containers

  • string

  • water

What to do:

  • Gather your nature art from your yard. It’s the perfect time to start noticing the little details in your yard you may never have noticed before. Find sticks, leaves, berries, anything that calls to you.

ice ornaments
Photo by Suzy Lyttle
  • Cut string so your frozen creations can hang once done. Lay both string ends in the water. Make sure 2-3 inches are in the water.

  • Pick a container and fill with water.

nature ice ornaments
Photo by Suzy Lyttle
  • Arrange your nature art in the container.

  • Leave outside overnight. (Note it must be below 32 degrees to achieve freezing.)

  • Pop your ice out of the container and hang! If you are having trouble getting your ice creation out, run under water until it melts slightly.

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