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Celebrate the Great Outdoors This Month

June is Great Outdoors Month! The days are getting longer and warmer and there are so many reasons to head outside.

Photo courtesy of Eric Gurnitz

Make a commitment to spend more time unplugged while enjoying the great outdoors. Here are three big ideas for spending time outside.

Make a Plan!

There are dozens of activities you can do outside, and the Forest Preserve District of Will County has many preserves you can head to. You can also enjoy the great outdoors in your own back yard or neighborhood.

Picnicking, fishing, hiking, biking and camping are all fun outdoor activities to plan. Gather the gear you need and head outside for a great adventure or a relaxing outdoor experience!

Check out the Forest Preserve District’s event calendar for more outdoor opportunities to plan.

Be Imaginative!

Don’t make a plan, just head outside and see where the day takes you. It is so important to have time to explore, create and discover things at your own pace and in your own way.

You might gather leaves and sticks to build with, or pretend you are an explorer from long, long ago. Maybe you will become a bird or bug! Just be creative and follow your whimsy!

Do Nothing!

Sometimes, the best times can involve little more than a blanket to lie on. Relax in the sun or the shade of a beautiful tree. Try cloud watching. Do their shapes look like animals or other objects? Can your friends see what you see? Head out in the night sky and gaze at the stars. Which are the brightest? Do they all twinkle? Can you notice any differences in color? Make up your own constellations by connecting the dots.

There are so many ways to spend time in the great outdoors, so head outside and enjoy!


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