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Bring Drawings To Life With Dry-Erase Marker Trick

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

This fun experiment lets you lift your drawings off the bottom of a dish and watch them float around.

Dry-erase markers have a special ingredient that keeps them from attaching to the slick surfaces they are written on. They also have an ingredient that allows the marker to stick to itself. Both of these qualities give us the opportunity to make a drawing that can then peel off the surface and float around in water. You don’t need much to try this easy and entertaining experiment.


  • New dry-erase markers

  • A glass or plastic dish (Test a small spot to make sure the dry erase markers wipe away with your finger.)

  • Water

  • Paper


  1. Draw or write something simple on the bottom of the dish.

  2. Slowly pour water into the side of dish, not directly on top of your drawing.

  3. Gently jiggle the dish until the paintings are released.

  4. Watch them float around or dip a sheet of paper into the water to try and catch your drawing.

Use your imagination and have fun. Can you make a fish swim? A stick person dance? Can you write your name and watch it float around your dish? Do some colors work better than others? Will a two-color design stick together or separate once you add water? Enjoy experimenting and amaze your family with this floating marker magic!


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